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  • Photography: Takeo Okuma


, 2010/08/16



Last week while visiting Osaka I visted the National Craft Museum. This museum has managed to collect various items used in daily life from cultures around the globe so it was interesting to discover that cultures with similar climates had strikingly similar tools. For example, the Uchiwa (hand held fan), is used widespread in areas with tropical and hot climates. The Uchiwas from Oceania and Eastern Asia are made from plants and are put together quite simply. However, as one journeys further North in Japan the Uchiwas become much more complex and intricate. The two fans to the left are from Kumamoto and made in the small town of Kurumi from Washi (paper) and coated with persimmons. The fan on the very right is a Boshyu style Uchiwa made from cutting bamboo into a big circle. The version in the photograph above sports an original Philippe Weisbecker illustration.


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